Kenya CPA Course Fee Structure

KASNEB regulates, certifies, accredits, assesses, monitors, and assesses the performance of accountants, financial analysts, traders etc. In Kenya. It was established by an Act of Parliament in 1973.

It is possible to become a qualified CPA by completing these courses. It is likely that the fees will vary according to the exam. Here is the KASNEB CPA course fee structure for Kenya.

CPA Course Fees Structure in Kenya

Here is the CPA course fee structure in Kenya in 2022.

After learning about the CPA course fees, it is important to note that the same fee structure applies to all other KASNEB courses. CPA Course Fees in Kenya. This list includes the CPA fees for the Kenya Government Examinations.

  1. CCP (Certified Credit Professionals); CISSE (Certified Information Systems Engineer) – are similar to the exam fees charged by the KASNEB.
  2. CS (Certified Secretaries). If someone wants to join the CPA course in Kenya, this article gives a breakdown of the course fees.
  3. CISA (Certified Investments / Financial Analysts)
  4. CICT (Certified Information Communication Technician) – note that there are a few fee differences between the three different levels of exams.

CPA Registration Fees

KASNEB charges different amounts for different courses, certificates, exams, foreign accounts/secretaries, and financial analyst qualifications.

For instance, if someone wants to do a professional exam for CPA, CS, CIFA, CCP, or CISSE, a person must pay a registration fee of Ksh. 7,500 plus an annual renewal fee of Ksh.2,000 plus activation of their account with the KASNEB.

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Fees for Professional Examinations (CPA, CS, CIFA, CISSE) – For individuals who want to take the CPA or other professional exams, the fee includes registration, renewal, or booking exam tickets.

KASNEB charges its members fees for examinations based on their qualifications (CPA/CS/CIFA, CCP).

Students pursuing a Vocational Certificate in Kenya will pay a specific fee for the paper entitled ‘Entrepreneurship – Management of Innovation’. Each paper will cost around Ksh. 700 or $12. Basically, each exam will cost Ksh.700 – $13. Each paper in the exam will cost Ksh.700 or $13.

CPA Course fees for all CPA courses are charged according to the KASNEB fee structure.

The exam for CPAs involves 3 exams with a cost of 1,400 Kenyan shillings per page.

The intermediate exam costs 2,400 Kenyan shillings. If the student successfully passes the intermediate exam, a further study fee of 1,400 Kenyan shillings is incurred.

Intermediate Exam: 2,400 Kenyan shillings; Advanced Exam: 3,600 Kenyan shillings.

CPA students will have to pay 7,500 Ksh. For the business theory paper.

KASNEB EXAMINATIONS – CPA/CS/CIFA/CCP What are the exemption fees?

  • The registration fee is  7,500
  • The annual registration renewal fee is 2,000 
  • Registration reactivation fee is 4,000
  • student identity card replacement fee of 500   

CPA Exam fees are based on whether the person being examined is an exempt person.

What are the exemption fees according to the KASNEB CPA fee structure in Kenya?

If someone wants to pay for an exemption to take various professional exams, such as CPA, CS, CIFA, CISSE, or CCPA, then paying a certain fee will enable them to do that.

The fee for taking Diploma Exams is Ksh.1,500 ($25), while different fees are charged for taking post-graduate courses.

The CPA course is the same as any other KASNEB professional course.

Foundation exam fees are 2,500 Kenyan shillings for the foundation course.

The fee for the foundation exam is 1,400 Kenyan shillings, while the fee for the intermediate exam is 3,500 Kenyan shillings.

The cost of the advanced exam is 3,600 Kenyan shillings, whereas, for those who want to qualify for a certain professional qualification (CPA or CS), it is 1,500 Kenyan shillings.

How do KASNEB members pay for their university fees?

Payment is made through various KASNEB banks that have accounts. Banks where it charges fees include:

  • National Bank of Kenya account number 0100103157261.
  • Equity Bank Ltd account number: 0170299238025. Kenya Post Office Savings Bank account number: 0744130009246.
  • Kenya Post Office Savings Bank account number 0744130009246.
  • Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited account number 01129128535900.


Students in Kenya can pay their fees at the KASNEB counters in various city centres, such as the GPO in Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kisii, etc. Foreign students can pay fees in the form of money transferred to a KASNEB account in the USA (KBank), or transfer cash to the KASNEB account in the UK.

If that is the case, students need to submit the requisite forms to KASNEB along with a copy of their bank deposit slip or evidence that the money was transferred electronically.

When students submit the application form for the CPA course or remit the money by post, KASNEB should be informed at least a week before the registration deadline for the upcoming examinations in order to collect the money in time for the exams.


It is easy to find information on the KASNEB website for those who want to take CPA exams on the specified dates.

The KASNEB is trying to provide its members with as much information as possible.

Check the KASNEB fee structure online to be aware of the latest fees. This will allow students to plan their financial plans in advance.

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