How to Remove Your Skiza Tune

How to Remove Your Skiza Tune

If you’ve subscribed to a Skiza tune that you no longer like, you can easily remove it at any time by dialing *811#. You’ll be prompted to select Manage My Tune, and from there you can remove it. If you’d like to subscribe to a different tune, you can simply click on it to request it.

Delete a Skiza tune

If you’ve subscribed to a Skiza tune and want to delete it, the process is simple. You can simply send a text message to 811 with the words “Delete my Skiza tune” and the skiza tune code. Once you have done this, the tune will be removed from your mobile phone. You can also disable other Skiza tunes you’ve subscribed to by repeating these steps.

Usually, deleting a Skiza tune is necessary when a new song has been uploaded or if you want to change your tune. There are several reasons why you might want to delete a tune. Sometimes, you may just want a new tune to play to entertain your callers. Dialing *811# will bring you to the Skiza tune menu. Once there, you can click on “Manage my tune” to delete it.

Unsubscribe from a SKIZA tune

You can easily unsubscribe from a Skiza tune from your Safaricom line. To unsubscribe from this service, simply dial *811# to access the tune menu. Then, select “Delete my tunes” to get rid of the tune. Then, you can subscribe to another tune if you wish.

The SKIZA tune service is a mobile app that lets you download customized ringback tunes on your mobile phone. It was launched by Safaricom in 2009 and has since grown in popularity with more than 120,000 downloads in Kenya alone. To subscribe, you simply text “SEARCH” to 822, followed by the artist’s name. After the process is complete, you’ll be given a list of tunes.

Check if you have a SKIZA tune

If you’re interested in requesting a tune, you’ll want to check if you have one. SKIZA tunes are usually free, but you can also purchase them and give them as gifts to friends or family. To get a Skiza tune, simply dial *811 and ask to hear it. You can find songs from many different genres and artists. You can even choose a tune that means something to you.

Another reason to check if you have a Skiza tune is if you’re changing your tune. Sometimes, you’ll want to change the tune because you’ve been entertained by another song. If that’s the case, you can easily change the tune and keep the same number. All you need to do is dial *811#. Once there, you’ll see the Manage My Tune option.

Request a SKIZA tune

If you are a subscriber to SKIZA, you may want to remove your skiza tune. This may be due to a new song you’re listening to, or because you simply want to change it for another reason. To remove your skiza tune, simply dial *811# and then select Manage My Tune.

The service has a catalogue of SKIZA tunes published by Safaricom with the song code, artist and tune name. When purchasing a SKIZA tune, you must pay a one-time fee of one shilling and 50 cents for each day that you wish to use it. You can buy a maximum of forty SKIZA tunes and record them into your phone. Moreover, you can select specific caller tones for up to ten different phone numbers.

Manage your SKIZA tunes

Skiza has a portal that helps you manage your subscribed tunes. You can add more tunes to your list, assign different tunes to different people or groups and more. The SKIZA portal also offers you the option to pre-listen to your tunes before downloading them. It also lets you manage the subscriptions of friends and family.

To manage your skiza tunes, first of all, you need to subscribe to the service. The subscription process is easy. All you have to do is dial the number *811# and choose Manage My Tune. Once you have done this, the system will give you a list of all the tunes that are currently subscribed to. From the list, you can disable any tunes that you don’t want to receive.

If you’re no longer interested in having your Skiza tune, you can remove it from your phone by following these simple steps:

1. Open the Skiza App
2. Tap on the Menu icon (three lines) in the top left corner
3. Tap on “My tunes”
4. Find the tune you want to remove and tap on the “Remove” icon (trash can)

Once you’ve removed the tune, it will no longer be associated with your phone number and you will no longer be able to access it.

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