How to Reverse MPESA Transactions With Safaricom

how to reverse mpesa

Safaricom has introduced a new method of reverse MPesa transactions. It is now possible to reverse money by forwarding a Mpesa message to the number 456. This service is free of charge and can help you get your money back. You will need to confirm your identity and the number that you used to make the transaction with Safaricom.

Safaricom claims that it will reverse the transaction in two hours or less. However, it is best to be as quick as possible, as reversals cannot be completed if the recipient withdraws the money. If you do not want to wait for the transaction to be reversed, you can contact your operator.

M-Pesa transactions are prone to errors for various reasons. It is vital to reverse them quickly if you find that you have made an error. Failure to do so could cause massive abandonment of the service. Fast reversal helps send the message that the transaction is safe and secure.

After you have verified that you have not made a mistake, call the recipient and ask them to reverse the transaction. You can also call Safaricom’s customer care department to reverse a transaction. You will be given 25 seconds to make the corrections. You will need your MPESA transaction ID to do so.

Safaricom’s Hakikisha service can help you reverse Mpesa transactions. This service can also help you if you accidentally sent money to the wrong number. Once you’ve made an error, you can only reverse the transaction if the recipient hasn’t withdrawn it yet.

After making the error, you can reverse the M-Pesa transaction by following these simple steps. First, you must enter the transaction number you made by mistake. Next, you should select one of the three last transactions that you made. After completing these steps, your funds will be reversed and you’ll be notified by SMS.

Next, you’ll need to know how to trace your funds through Safaricom. The company will usually reply within 24 hours or 48 hours. You may need to provide an ID and password before they will respond. The process is delicate and can result in delays in getting your money. In the meantime, you should contact Safaricom as soon as possible to reverse the transaction.

To reverse M-Pesa transactions, you must first determine whether the recipient is the one you want to pay. An organization has its own unique paybill number. Providing the correct number will ensure that the payment is made to the right person. If this is not possible, you can contact the recipient and ask for their consent.

Once you’ve verified the correct recipient, you’re ready to reverse the money. Safaricom will contact you to reverse the transaction and will give you an opportunity to confirm. It will take about 25 seconds to complete the process.

Kenya’s mobile money giant Safaricom has made it possible to recall erroneously sent MPesa transactions. The process is however not very straight forward and may leave one wondering how to actually go about it. Here’s a step by step guide on how to successfully recall your MPesa transaction.

1. Dial *233# on your phone.
2. Enter your MPesa PIN.
3. Select “My Money.”
4. Select ” MPesa History.”
5. Select “Reverse Transaction.”
6. Enter the transaction date.
7. Enter the amount you wish to reverse.
8. You will be required to confirm the reversal by entering your MPesa PIN again.
9. Press “1” to confirm or “2” to cancel.

You will then receive a confirmation message from Safaricom confirming the successful reversal of your transaction.

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