Jane Chemutai Goin Biography – Work, Salary, Husband, Tribe

Jane Chemutai Goin is a Kenyan news journalist who works at Citizen TV. Her interest lies in current events and politics. She has written articles for several publications, including Time, People, and Wired. Jane Chemutai Goin Biography: Jane is from Nandi County.

Chemutai Goin Biography

She started her career as an intern with KTN and later got a job as a reporter at Capital FM. She then moved on to K24 and Citizen TV, where she honed her skills and experience in politics and governance. Her work involves writing and producing feature stories as well as live reporting.

Chemutai Goin was born in Nandi County, Kenya. She is of Kalenjin ethnicity. Her educational background is not known, but her income is at least Ksh 600,000 a month. She is unmarried and has no children. Her net worth is about Ksh 30 million.

Chemutai Goin has a solid eight years of professional experience. She is bilingual in English, Kiswahili, and Kalenjin. She is also proficient in public speaking and editing. Goin is a versatile reporter who can cover both local and international stories. She works as a reporter at Citizen TV, and she also writes for KTN and K24. Her reporting is focused on politics and governance.

Aside from a lucrative job at Citizen TV, Chemutai Goin has been credited with a number of other achievements. Her high salary puts her among the highest-paid journalists in Kenya. Aside from this, she also has several prestigious awards to her name.

In November 2015, she left K24 to join Citizen TV. She joined Apollo Kamau, another political reporter, and they both covered political affairs and parliamentary content. But after Jacque Maribe was banned from reporting on the Monica Kimani murder, Chemutai and Apollo Kamau had no political coverage left at K24. In November 2015, Anders Ihachi, Duncan Khaemba, and Chris Thairu were fired from K24.

In the last few years, Chemutai Goin has achieved many great things. She is an advocate for peace and human rights. She has won several awards for her humanitarian efforts. This recognition is truly a testament to her hard work and dedication.

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