KRA Kenya Online Nil Tax Filing – The Complete Guide 2022

Taxpayers who do not receive any income are allowed to file KRA Nil Returns. It is not possible to declare any income that you do not earn from any source, like business, rental, or job income, for the return period under review, which requires submitting KRA Nil Returns on the iTax Portal.

How do I file my KRA nil return online?

The nil return is a filing requirement when you have no taxable income or taxable income less than KRA’s tax threshold.

To file your KRA nil return online, follow these steps:
1. Register for an online account on the KRA website
2. Create an application in your online account
3. Fill out the appropriate fields in your application including the name of the taxpayer and the type of business
4. Submit your application for approval by uploading scanned copies of your documents or certificates
5. Once approved, print out and submit a copy of your application to KRA with all required documents
6. Wait for feedback from KRA, who will send a confirmation email once they have received everything
The process takes only minutes and completing it makes it easier to avoid penalties related to late filing

KRA iTax Login for Nil Filing

KRA is a Kenya-based tax and accounting solutions provider that helps businesses and individuals file their taxes in accordance with Kenyan laws. KRA also offers an online e-tax system for those who are not able to file through the company’s physical offices.

If you operate a business or have employees in Kenya, it is important that you register with KRA to be able to submit your VAT returns.
1) Registration with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)…
2) Online e-tax submission…

Can we file nil income tax returns for previous years?

Of course, you can file nil income tax returns for past years.
If you are a Kenyan resident in the country, you will be required to pay tax on the income earned by your business in the country. This includes salaries, commissions, and the like.
You will also have to file an individual income tax return with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) if you are filing as an individual Kenyan resident with self-employed earnings for that year.
If your business operates outside Kenya but has a company in the country, you will still need to file a separate personal income tax return but not one on behalf of your company.


How to file KRA NIL returns on the KRA M-Service in 2022

If so, you’ll need to know about the new service that KRA is introducing in 2022 – M-Service. This will allow you to file your tax returns online for free and without taking time off from your business. But before getting into how you can use the service, it’s best to know what it is and what are its benefits.

M-Service is a method of online filing for companies in Kenya that have employees based in the country. The M-Service allows you to file your taxes online with KRA and receive an answer within 2 weeks. If the company doesn’t file their tax returns by then, they will automatically be charged KSh10,000 per month on their salary account until they do so or until they submit a notice of withdrawal from the service.

This service is available as long as it doesn’t result in losses or unpaid taxes which can otherwise lead to fines and/or imprisonment if not paid within 10 days of notification at any given time of year. It’s important that businesses file their NIL returns on time because otherwise they could be penalized up to Sh40 000 for late filing which could result in suspension or closure of the business. If a company does not pay the fine within 10 days, KRA may take measures such as suspending its bank account or shutting down its website until payment is made.

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